MAV BBmot 631

Diesel motor unit BBmot was produced in hungarian  factory Ganz  in 1955 and  used by hungarina railway MAV and Gysev, with totla 24 pcs. . They had untypical 3 axel truck  derived from Hargita  unist, BBmot is just shorten version of czech  M275.1 modifiaction,   equiped with steam generator for coarch vagon heating.  Was used until 1988 year,  today   one pcs  BBmot 640 is saved as museum  exponat. 

Model BBmot 631  in  typical blue livery usen i MAV  in 70-80s years.   front/rear lighining, Interior  lighting, lighting of front/rear cabs, Plux22 interface.

Epoch IV.
Lenght 264 mm
Weight 350 g
Min. radius arch 420 mm
Lighting white, red, interior
Digital plux22
Sound ready
Count driving axles 3
Count banding axles 0
Coupling NEM standard coupling

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Model is equipped with improved trucks including ball bearings for smooth run with low current consumption. 

Not suitable for children under 14 years.