CSD M286 0009

Railcar  type  850  in livery od CSD 1985-1992.  Model is equipped with a Plux16 DCC interface, motor with flywheel, front, back and interior lights.

The railcars 850 and 851 were used for fast passenger transport on lines in Czechoslovakia. The railcar M286.0 (850) was produced by the Vagonka Tatra Studénka Company in 1962-67 in a quantity of 52 pcs  and of the later improved series of 851    37 pcs were produced. The engine has a hydrodynamic gear with a 500kW motor and was able to pull two light Balm trailers. The last 851 was taken out of service around 2010.

Accessories  are included in the bag.

Epoch IV.
Lenght 205 mm
Weight 180 g
Min. radius arch 300 mm
Lighting white -red, interior
Digital Plux16
Sound no
Count driving axles 2
Count banding axles 0
Coupling NEM coupling

Soubory ke stažení

Not suitable for children under 14 years.