ČSD E469.158

Electric locomotive  type  121   (ex. E469.1)  was produced at  Škoda Plzeň factory  as freight version  of   el. loco  E499.1 - (called Bobina - from BoBo truck type).  81pcs was produced in 1963-65   and  used by czechoslovakia railways CSD. It was slower loko with highe pulling fors for freight tranis, occasionally used for personal trains.   In  90-th years  all was shifted  belong  ČD czech railway corp. During 1995-2012 most of them was scraped and in 2018  only some privacy operatosr use this locos. 


Epoch IV.
Lenght 131 mm
Weight 200 g
Min. radius arch 300 mm
Lighting white, red, interior
Digital Plux16
Sound no
Count driving axles 4
Count banding axles 0
Coupling gutter according to NEM (standardy KKK coupling)

Soubory ke stažení

Not suitable for children under 14 years.